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New Balance 311 Womens

We would spend our childhood running around playing, sledding, swimming name it loved it loved life and experiencing all it had to offer. She loved building forts, playing hide and go seek, and really loved ghost stories or anything that would scare you.

New Balance 311 Womens

New Balance 311 Womens

Ryan and Christa decided that the Soo was not living enough for them. Christa loved adventure and their travels brought them to teach on the Carribean Island of St. Martin. Christa's hard work and dedication to her students made her loved by all the staff and students at her school. During the summer months they would travel back to the Soo and visit family and camp with friends. Christa could often be heard throwing dance parties in her bedroom for all of her nieces and nephews.

person with a great and quirky sense of humour. And even when she was sad, it was hard to tell as she always put on a brave face and her beautiful smile.

Because of the 5 year age gap between Christa and myself, by the time Christa hit high school, Danielle, Rachel, Andrea, myself were off to university ourselves. This may have been a little tough for Christa as she was starting the hardest part of childhood without her siblings. Christa surrounded herself with her friends. Vanessa, Natasha, Stephanie, Matt there were so many as she was so loved. They became her new siblings while we were away. They were her new rock as I am certain she was theirs.

My parents would often worry the way all parents do that something would happen to their children when they were living overseas. New Balance White Sneakers

New Balance 311 Womens

Christa learned a lot growing up. She learned how to socialize and most importantly to play. Even though Christa was the baby, she became a big sister when Sarah and Jenna were born. This gave Christa a very nurturing spirit. Christa would have made an amazing mother as she was so good with kids. They had so much fun with her. Her love, her beauty, and her smile, left a smile and laughter on the faces of all the children who she came into contact with. I am certain that when she left for university in Windsor, becoming a teacher was just a natural fit.

Being the baby of 10 children would usually mean that one would have a lot of siblings to play with growing up. This was true for Christa. Her oldest sister Darlene changed her diapers and fed her and received a lot of on the job training for her own two daughters (Sarah and Jenna) who would arrive later. As if having one amazing mother and father wasn enough, Christa often thought of Darlene as a 2nd mother. As Christa grew older, Darlene, Micheal, Kim, and Marissa would all head off to London, Ontario and would then be part of Christa's life on holidays and during the summer months. That was okay though as Christa still had Danielle, Rachel, Andrea, and myself during the rest of the year.

New Balance 311 Womens

Christa Stephanie (Lukenda) Michaud was an incredible sister who lived so much in 28 years. She was so kind. She had a very warm and soft soul that exuded empathy as she would feel and take on the pain of others. Because of this, she was also tough as nails. She was a very happy New Balance Blackout Football Boots

To Christa, relationships were so important. She cultivated a great relationship with all of her siblings. Her brother in laws; Dean, Dwayne, John, Brent, Shawn, and Kevin all treated her their own. Her sister in law Jillian, saw her as a best friend.

that you usually associate with death. She wanted everyone to celebrate her life what a full and amazing life it was. I love you my dear little sister. You are with the angels now. You are with your brother Stevie and I know you are smiling upon us and waiting to see us all again.

New Balance 311 Womens

When Ryan proposed to Christa, there was no doubt in her mind that they would be married. And did they do it like the rest of their siblings? not quote Christa word on the street was not her style Instead, Ryan and Christa were married by a Catholic Priest in a Scottish Castle and then spent their honeymoon travelling around Europe. When they came back, our family still got our traditional reception at the Croatian Hall with cabbage rolls and perogies. There was no way Christa was missing out on that. If Christa loved anything as much as living life loved good food. Mrs. B pizza, chocolate, perogies and cabbage rolls were at the top of that list.

Christa Stephanie (Lukenda) Michaud was an incredible sister who lived so much in 28 years

Instead, Christa's life was cut short in her hometown by a drunk driver as she biking. I take solace in the fact that there was no way she saw it coming and did not suffer at all.

New Balance 311 Womens

In memory of Christa Stephanie Lukenda Michaud

New Balance 311 Womens

Christa and Ryan spent their first year as newlyweds teaching a final year in the Carribean. The plan was to travel and experience Canada for a year and then move to Singapore to teach for a few years and then start a family of their own.

When we would talk about anything and everything in life, the topic of death came up. Christa said that when she went, she would want a big party and not all the depressing stuff New Balance Ladies Trainers

New Balance 311 Womens

During one of her summers, Christa worked at a call centre in the Soo, and it was here that she found her soul mate, the love of her life, Ryan. New Balance 311 Womens Although Christa seemed always happy and smiling, Ryan brought a new glow, an invigorated spirit to her life. She wanted to experience and share so much with him. They would camp together, go to festivals, and were always excited to even go and do all the touristy or cheesy stuff in the Soo like visit the Big Table and Chairs, hike WhiteFish Island and Hiawatha, or just go for a bike ride around the city.

New Balance 311 Womens

New Balance 311 Womens

New Balance 311 Womens

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