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New Balance 430

New Balance 430

"Mother and New Balance 430 dad were always very excited to have their Catholic friends stop by for coffee and some lunch before they went back to their home," she said.

New Balance 430

New Balance 430

Food was also an important part of her family's Christmas celebrations.

"That was one of my very favourite gifts that I got. People of my age will remember the Eaton's Beauty Doll. It was just a gorgeous doll."

"It wouldn't be done today, but we had candles New Balance 878 Og

New Balance 430

Birt said everyone in her family of 12 was musically talented, so that was always a part of their Christmas Eve celebrations. They all played instruments including piano, accordion, trumpet, drums and her father played a Hawaiian guitar.

"Christmas Eve, we never ate meat. We always had fish," she said. "Mother would cook the most wonderful either baked fish or fish casserole."

´╗┐Icelandic Christmas traditions in Saskatchewan

New Balance 430

child of 10 in Kuroki, she remembers her family incorporating many Icelandic traditions into Saskatchewan Christmases, including opening all presents on Christmas Eve.

Bjorg Birt's parents were from Iceland and growing up as the sixth New Balance Dark Red

New Balance 430

New Balance 430

They even started a "family dance orchestra" and played at many dances in the small town of Kuroki.

New Balance 430

New Balance 430

One gift she distinctly remembers opening on Christmas Eve was the Eaton's Beauty Doll.

Birt said her siblings and her children still honour the no meat on Christmas Eve tradition.

New Balance 430

the layers.

Birt also remembers the Christmas tree at her home being specially lit on Christmas Eve.

Icelandic Christmas cake, known as Vinatarta, was also a popular dessert of her childhood. Birt said it had seven thin layers of cookie dough type pastry, with prune filling between each of New Balance Sale Womens

It was like a "Little Iceland on the Prairies" in Saskatchewan around the towns of Foam Lake and Kuroki about an hour from Yorkton. The settlement was called Vatnabyyur and for a while was the largest Icelandic settlement outside of Iceland.

on our tree," she smiled.

Christmas Eve was also a time for her parents to visit. They stayed up late to meet with and feed their Catholic friends who would stop by on their way back from midnight mass.

New Balance 430

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