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father took custody of him. The result was that Oliver pretty much lived on his own, sans parental guidance or money.

Robertson grew up in Stratford, Ont., the youngest of his father 10 children, eight from a previous marriage.

Later, Dr. Emard sold it to Conrad Blanchard who operated it for years before selling to John Mason, the current owner.

His father was a bootlegger and gambler. Both his father and mother were heavy drinkers and constantly engaged in verbal battles. His mother was bipolar. Young Craig would spend New Balance 840v3 much of his time hunkered down in his room in the attic of the small family home.

Lloyd Robertson, the longest serving TV news anchor in Canadian history, and Craig Oliver, CTV chief political correspondent and co host of the network highly acclaimed Question Period, will share their stories of growing up in a dysfunctional family, and that might be an understatement.

OF HISTORY: To say Archibald Denny had a banking crisis dumped on his lap in October 1906 would be an understatement.

The manager of the Cornwall branch of the Ontario Bank, along with local customers, woke up on a Friday morning to the unsettling news that the bank president was in a Toronto jail cell charged with misapropriation of funds. The bank had folded.

THE REAR VIEW MIRROR: When soft drinks came in glass bottles and the empties were treated like gold by kids who hauled them to the neighbourhood store in exchange for a bag of candy or a bottle of KIK cola. It was the world cheapest recycling program.Box cameras and flash bulbs.3 D movies at the theatre.Family doctors closed their offices on Wednesday afternoons (they usually had Saturday morning office hours) and an ad in The Standard Freeholder on Tuesday notified residents of the two doctors who were open for business. This was before the town had ER doctors.

New Balance 840v3

The organization that doesn take a dime from governments and is dependent on the wonderful generosity of this community always manages to find a top drawer speaker or somebody who can attract a crowd for a celebrity roast, and without forking out appearance fees.

New Balance 840v3

New Balance 840v3

New Balance 840v3

Said Robertson in his review of Oliver autobiography: feel fortunate to be able to count myself among that special group. Craig and I both come from poor families with problems that went beyond a lack of availability of money. ANSWER: The National Tavern on Second Street West was originally a boarding/rooming house and the residence of owners Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Ratelle who operated a small grocery store on the first floor. When the Ratelles died Dr. Elzear Emard purchased the bulding and turned it into a hotel called The National.

New Balance 840v3

At age 12, Oliver saw his parents split up. His New Balance Floral Print

In his autobiography Kind of Life It Been Robertson tells how food would run out before the end of the week us with only eggs, a few slices of bread for toasting, and ketchup. there was a bigger problem in the Robertson household: His mother string of mental and emotional disorders. She was in and out of the pyschiatric hospital in St. Thomas. This combined with his father failing health created what Robertson calls a home life. mother underwent a lobotomy when Robertson was 14 years old and, henceforth, lived in a fog.

New Balance 840v3

His father was 60 years old when he was born. By the time Robertson was five years old, his father was retired and the family struggled to make ends meet on a small pension.

Their stories are a beacon of hope and inspiration for young people who find themselves trapped in similar circumstances.

New Balance 840v3

New Balance 840v3

Where was the Women Christian Temperance Union fountain?

New Balance 840v3

According to news accounts of the day, Denny managed to persuade most of his former customers to sign up at the Royal rather than switch to the rival Bank of Montreal.

relatives and neighbours.

Impressive lineup for CTC event

Somehow he credits it to hanging out with the right crowd at high school he survived the family turmoil and New Balance Black And Gold Cleats

With a deeply disturbed mother and ailing father, Robertson was moved around between Pink New Balance Shoes

New Balance 840v3

Not surprisingly, dozens of customers converged on the local branch. Fortunately, there was enough money in the bank vault to cover all the accounts. Denny extended banking hours the next day, Saturday, to make sure everyone got their money.

In an inteview with journalist Peter Feniak, he said his father would in and out of my life. I don have a lot of memories. I never spent much time with him. his autobiography Twist: The Life and Times of an Unapologetic Newshound he tells of spending his teen years hanging out with drifters, drunks, scam artists and bunking in with strangers, and as Robertson noted in an article he wrote, to know the real Craig Oliver the hooker with a of gold who made sure young Craig was pointed in the right direction. Robertson, Oliver into broadcasting and worked his way to the top from the bottom. Nothing was handed to them on the proverbial silver platter.

I don know how the Children Treatment Centre does it.

worked his way to the top of the Canadian broadcasting ladder. was more bizarre.

He also made arrangments to open a branch of the Royal Bank on Pitt Street, next to the old Post Office.

New Balance 840v3

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