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New Balance 840v3 Womens

The two weren't particularly close. In fact, the liberal Schumer led Democratic efforts in 2010 to defeat Republican Senate candidates, including Rubio, a conservative.

EST February 3, 2013

New Balance 840v3 Womens

New Balance 840v3 Womens

But Schumer viewed the Cuban American senator from West Miami as a natural fit for the immigration overhaul because of his Hispanic heritage, his high standing among Tea Party activists and his advocacy for moderate immigration policy.

New Balance 840v3 Womens

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, who have pushed immigration measures in the past, laud Rubio for trying to win over conservatives who traditionally reject any proposal to give illegal immigrants a route to legal status.

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New Balance 840v3 Womens

"He's been Daniel in the lion's den," Schumer said Wednesday, citing Rubio's New Balance 840v3 Womens appearance on Limbaugh's program. "It was amazing. When the show started, Limbaugh was far more hostile (to the idea) than at the end.

´╗┐Immigration plan a gamble for Marco Rubio

Rubio had a stake in the issue as well. Last year, he proposed his own changes, and a major legislative victory on immigration could boost any ambitions he might have to run for president in 2016.

They would gain immediate legal status by registering with the government while waiting, perhaps a decade or longer, to earn a green card. They would not face deportation. But they would be at the back of the citizenship line behind immigrants in the country legally.

Jan. 28, Schumer and Rubio stood Pink New Balance Trainers

Many hurdles remain, but lawmakers and immigration advocates say the momentum to overhaul the system is the strongest it's been in a generation, thanks in part to the broad bipartisan coalition behind it.

situation that we face."

An estimated 40% of illegal immigrants entered the country on a visa that has since expired.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has joined Democrats in pushing to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Some conservatives agree it's the best way to deal with the approximately 11 million people in the country illegally.

New Balance 840v3 Womens

New Balance 840v3 Womens

FULL COVERAGE: Debate over immigration

New Balance 840v3 Womens

New Balance 840v3 Womens

Sen. Marco Rubio, R Fla., speaks alongside Sen. Scott Applewhite, AP)

New Balance 840v3 Womens

Mostly, he's gotten a respectful hearing and expressions of willingness from skeptics to consider what Rubio calls "the reality of the situation."

Story HighlightsFlorida Republican joins Democrats on immigration planRubio has worked talk show circuitImpact on possible presidential candidacy uncertain

WASHINGTON Shortly after the November election, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York approached Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida about joining a bipartisan effort to overhaul the country's immigration system.

together at a news conference and pitched a plan to provide some of the 11 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship contingent on tougher border security measures.

"There are 11 million human beings in this country that are undocumented," Rubio said at the news conference last Monday. "That's not something that anyone is happy about. That's not something anybody wanted to see happen, but that is what happened. And we have an obligation and the need to address the reality of the New Balance 311 On Feet

New Balance 840v3 Womens

New Balance 840v3 Womens

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