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"There has to be vulnerability in key moments within the piece and a sense of connection where the audience want to lean in and go on a journey with me. You have to open yourself up so people can invest a piece of themselves in your performance.

As if touring with Evita is not enough, Marti will be back on the road at the end of the year with Wet, Wet, Wet and has also made a new album entitled Hope, a celebration of musical theatre.

New Balance Blue And Black

"I studied the character Che Guevara on a fundamental level. Historically, Eva Peron and he never actually met.

Evita is Marti's favourite Lloyd Webber and Rice collaboration.

Neither of his parents were performers his mum worked in a school and his father was a bricklayer and yet they encouraged their son to achieve his dreams.

New Balance Blue And Black

New Balance Blue And Black

you see the whole fragility of life. In the space of two and half hours you go from this little girl of fifteen to her demise and the simplicity of that scene is a reminder of how fragile life is."

Despite the dark, handsome good looks and the suave, slightly dangerous air about this incredibly charismatic musical star, there is so much more that makes you fall under his spell.

"Probably the bed scene in the hospital where New Balance Girls Night Out

New Balance Blue And Black

New Balance Blue And Black

The show has so many stand out moments, but what is the most prominent for Marti? "I think there are several key pivotal moments which stem from the triangle of Peron, Evita and myself," he said.

So New Balance Green And Grey

New Balance Blue And Black

what about his character? Is he very different from others he has played?

"It was inspired by my friend Bill's mum, Wee Hope, who passed away last year. She was a lovely lady, I loved her to bits.

"I am afforded the luxury to have an audience who, as I've grown as an artist, will cross over and come on board whether it's musical theatre, jazz or pop.

"End of the year I put my pop head on and am back on the road with the boys I grew up with, then more theatre, I'm just busy.

"We were making the album together, Bill and I, and it just seemed a nice touch to dedicate it to his Mammy. She loved musical theatre, so New Balance Lightweight Shoes

His love of music came from listening to their record collection. "It's about your parents subscribing to your dreams," said Marti. "Instead of saying maybe you should build a wall, they said, maybe you should write a song," he said, "so I was kind of lucky that way."

Does he struggle to keep his emotions under control on stage? "I don't think you should," he said.

"The first time I ever heard Evita it was crossing over into pop culture, as well as being very much respected in the musical theatre world," he said.

New Balance Blue And Black

Never was there a more inspired piece of casting than that of Wet, Wet, Wet singing sensation, Marti Pellow, in the role of Argentinean revolutionary, Che Guevara in Bill Kenwright's latest production of the Lloyd Webber and Rice classic musical, Evita.

New Balance Blue And Black

I just want to keep on doing what I do Express Star

"You go to your tool box and there are New Balance Blue And Black different tools for different jobs. My role in Evita is a narration, like in Blood Brothers.

New Balance Blue And Black

"It is very much an observational thing, you are a catalyst there, moving the audience about, and saying, "Are you clocking this and watching that?" he continued.

That's the beauty of good theatre, he said. "If you offer yourself up, you'll go on a nice journey. From the laughing to the energy. You might shed a tear and that's a great feeling. It's uncomplicated because as soon as we walk out the door and engage in the real world, that's the real deal. Theatre is escapism at its best."

"I found it quite exciting that his great grandmother was Irish and his father apparently said "the blood of an Irish rebel flows through my son's veins."

New Balance Blue And Black

He was a very interesting man, he studied to be a doctor in his early years, but it is only through the imagery that you get an idea of what Che is.

do I and so does Bill, so we said what about singing some of these songs? It's just me and the piano."

And what does the future hold?

New Balance Blue And Black

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