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New Balance Gray Sneakers

After qualifying as an acupuncturist Hilary worked with a member of the Great Britain hockey team at Kingston University.

Hilary was educated at the Vineyard School from the age of eight and remembers appearing in the Richmond and Twickenham Times dressed in Victorian costume celebrating the school's centenary. She

still very involved in the Hampton community, "I have memories of a happy childhood and having travelled a lot and lived in Brussels and Paris, I appreciate what I have here a combination of

"As a child I remember going to look at sticklebacks in Crane Park, doing athletics at Thames Valley Grammar School, trampolining and swimming," recalls Hilary. Twickenham baths is where I learned

in Chinese medicine and is now helping couples with their fertility through acupuncture.

Hilary, 48, originally planned to study osteopathy at Kingston University but when the course was cancelled she decided to explore Chinese medicine and in 1996 completed her acupuncture training

her hands is helping to create life. After working in the travel industry and having three children Hilary Haynes decided to retrain

She says: "A European outlook is very much part of the family. For me I always wanted my children to swim and speak French."

had to be very focused in doing my exams."

New Balance Gray Sneakers

New Balance Gray Sneakers

New Balance Gray Sneakers

"There were rooms full of people with needles in them. People were queueing outside with needles in them. It was amazing to watch them in action," says Hilary of her time at the hospital.

The family remained in Waterloo for six years and Hilary's first son, now 18, was born there. They then moved to Paris where they lived for 18 months and Hilary's love for learning was"When we were in Paris I did a course on Parisian architecture," says Hilary. "I loved it. We studied it in the classroom and the next week we went out and saw it. It was fascinating.

to swim, my mother took me after school every week and I never realised she couldn't swim. I also remember skating in the skating rink which unfortunately is no more."

As I walked into the entrance of the Galen Naturopathic Clinic in Sheen Road the smell of aromatherapy oils hit me and I was greeted by an array of bottles and books in a very comfortable"To help a person get pregnant is fantastic," she says. "As a mother I don't see why I should be the only one standing by a rugby pitch, I would do anything to help someone have that."

New Balance Gray Sneakers

New Balance Gray Sneakers

at the South West College of Oriental medicine.

New Balance Gray Sneakers

A CAREER change that left a St Margarets mother with needles in New Balance 446 Mens

New Balance Gray Sneakers

Adams of Hampton for 30 years Joan is

history, facilities and ease of getting into London. It is a green lung."

'I have a skill that can help someone create life' From Richmond and Twickenham Times

New Balance Gray Sneakers

"I was in a cranial osteopaths office watching what they were doing," she explains. "I was a mother and as my children grew I knew I would retrain. I started New Balance Trainers Men

Following her career change Hilary and her husband Peter returned to their roots, moving to St Margarets having grown up in Richmond and Hampton respectively.

went on to study at Thames Valley Grammar School and started dating a Hampton boy, now her husband, at the age of 15.

Ten years ago, when Hilary and her family moved back to England after living in Brussels and Paris, she decided it was time to retrain.

She followed that with a Post Graduate diploma of China at Shanghai University at New Balance Gray Sneakers the Gynaecology unit of the Chinese teaching hospital.

With strong family links in the area her mother Margaret Brown a member of Richmond Parish Church and her parents in law John and Joan Haynes having run New Balance Visaro Blackout

studying when my son was at school and

Describing herself as mature and confident Hilary explained that at the age of 21, working in marketing for Air France, she ran trips to Mauritius and New York, having only ever been as far asIn 1980 she married financial director Peter and they left for Brussels on the day of their daughter's second birthday, their first child.

Returning to England Hilary was pregnant with her third child.

New Balance Gray Sneakers

New Balance Gray Sneakers

New Balance Gray Sneakers

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