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New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

The council didn't decide Tuesday. The discussion at the council's informational meeting was cut short because of another scheduled meeting. It will come up again during the budget process, which begins soon.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

The IcePlex opens in the fall, and the Parks and Recreation Department said last week it wants to open the old facility Sept. 1 through at least Dec. 1, and then assess whether there is a need for both facilities.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

Councilor Greg Jamison said he's worried operating a competing facility will destroy the city's relationship with nonprofit New Balance 2018 Release

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

Councilor Rex Rolfing agreed: "I New Balance Trailbuster Weekend Expo Sneaker

The City Council will have the final say when it decides on a budget for the facility this fall.

Zueger is in favor of opening the city's old facility and making ice available Sept. 1. But he wants it to close once the Ice Plex is up and running.

"Let's close it. Let's move on. Let's get rid of that subsidy," Councilor Christine Erickson said.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

That plan didn't sit well with city councilors, who weighed in Tuesday on the proposal that also irked supporters of the nonprofit Ice Sports Association. That organization will operate the new facility at the Sanford Sports Complex in northwestern Sioux Falls.

Erickson said the Ice Sports Association needs to trust that the city will close the old facility and not compete with the Ice Plex. She would like to see a timeline for closing the Ice and Rec Center a month or two after the Ice Plex opens.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

Ice Sports Association President Joe Zueger said it raised money to build the new facility "because the city didn't want to be in the ice rink business."

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

don't want this to put a smear on future public private partnerships."

in with new ice center

Lyon Fairgrounds. The tournament marked the last event at the Sioux Falls Ice and Rec Center.

groups. The city gave $1.5 million toward the IcePlex in New Balance Minimus 20 Mens Trail Running Shoes

exchange for a promise that it will be open to the public.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

"It's time for that building to go away," Zueger said. "(Ice Plex supporters) didn't want to see the next generation deal with these truly laughing stock facilities."

The old Ice and Rec Center would need improvements if it's kept open long term, Kearney said, but it has some benefits, including a central location in southern Sioux Falls. He also pointed out the city has been working to provide more indoor recreation facilities.

The city has subsidized the facility with about $64,000 per New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail year.

"Closing a facility is very controversial," Parks and Recreation Director Don Kearney said. He encouraged the city to re evaluate the demand and the operating costs at the end of the year.

New Balance Minimus 10v3 Trail

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