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I have talked to a nursery grower about this repeatedly when gardeners complain about nice healthy plants with no blooms. Dan's opinion is that environmental conditions play a key role in blooming. Cool seasons with a lot of rain promote lush leaf growth. Hot dry years New Balance Q4 2018 Tier 4 Lifestyle Sneaker Shoes

New Balance Originals

Local gardeners see so many photos of the beautiful blue and pink Mophead hydrangeas and covet them. The original hardiest variety was Nikko Blue. Then along came Endless Summer and All Summer Beauty. They are rated as more reliable bloomers for northern gardens. New Balance Rose Gold

Unfortunately one of the drawbacks to the large flowers is they are often knocked down by rain. Branches end up arching down with the weight of the blooms. If you have a shrub that is prone to this, you can tie it up when this happens, but there is a better solution to the problem. In early spring, place stakes around the plant. Add support as it grows so that by the time blooms develop, you have branches well supported. The support is well hidden by the large foliage and flowers will stand up straight.

There is no problem growing these plants in the Sault. The challenge is to get them to bloom after the first year.

All the Peegee type hydrangeas are now coming into bloom. There are so many great varieties on the market! They are identified by the cone shaped flowers that start out white, change to pink and finally dry to brown. My longtime favorite has been Limelight. It has large, dense flower clusters that start out lime green, turn white and finally pink. New this year is a dwarf one called Little Lime. Another new compact variety is Bombshell. It doesn't have the lime stage to the flower colour.

New Balance Originals

One of my favorite flowering shrubs is Hydrangea. By this time in August, I love to see more colour blooming. It reminds us that although summer is winding New Balance Originals down, there is still lots of excitement in the garden.

New Balance Originals

New pink flowering hardy Annabelle types are now available: Invincibelle Spirit introduced in 2010 and Bella Anna this season. They don't look too impressive in the pots sitting at the garden centre, but should be better the second year in the garden.

may result in overall poor plant growth. Severe winters may cause the plant to die back right to ground level. If the following summer is poor too, the plants get a one two punch.

This summer I have see beautiful blooms on these hydrangeas in many gardens. We had enough rain in spring to get them going and then lots of sun and heat for flower production. My neighbours have large pink blooms on their Nikko Blue. They are pink rather than blue since the soil wasn't acidified.

New Balance Originals

New Balance Originals

New last year was Phantom, with huge white flowers on strong stems. It is a large shrub that makes a bold statement.

New Balance Originals

I was questioned about why an All Summer Beauty hydran gea blooms in one yard and not another since they were purchased and planted at the same time. My grower explained that the one not blooming may have been too well cared for.

´╗┐Hydrangea time brings big colour to your garden

The newest Peegee type, Strawberry Vanilla, has enormous flowers that are a blend of pink and cream held on upright red stems. I have to find a spot to plant that one in my garden.

New Balance Originals

New Balance Originals

Annabelle hydrangea is the one with big globes of white flowers that is just finishing up its bloom. As the flowers fade, they turn green and then the petals dry to brown. The dried flower heads are quite attractive for winter interest in the garden. It is one of the most shade tolerant of the hydrangeas but still is excellent for full sun.

These plants need a stress trigger to stimulate flower production. If your New Balance Red Suede

New Balance Originals

soil is too rich, you water too well or fertilize regularly, you will get lush foliage but no blooms. Grow them a little lean and mean' next season, and if the weather cooperates there should be flowers.

New Balance Originals

New Balance Originals

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