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New Balance Pink Orange

New Balance Pink Orange

Split brain research as shown that people have a remarkable ability to fabricate explanations for their actions that seem logical but have no basis in reality.

practices for such research.

New Balance Pink Orange

I have no doubt that the above data, gathered from over 2,300 survey participants, was collected and analyzed using the best Blue New Balance Sneakers

DISCLAIMER: I am at the HR Technology Conference this week, and that combined with the lingering hangover but in a good way effects from the HRevolution event held yesterday, (if you ever see Mike Carden again, ask him about how many times you should rub your New Balance Shoes For Women Price

New Balance Pink Orange

eyes to make them feel better, he will know what you mean), the posts this week may be even shallower and offbeat than usual. Why I am reading a blog on neuromarketing in the first place is another question entirely. In the study, researchers concluded that readers were attracted to online content the most by 'catchy headlines', 54%, and 'interesting picturers', 44%, the obvious conclusion for marketers and others interested in increasing the attractiveness of their online content would be to write catchier headlines and include more pictures.

Harris survey only asked people what they feel would be more likely to influence their decision to New Balance Pink Orange read a piece of content, not what actual actions they take with respect to online content.

New Balance Pink Orange

From the Neuromarketing piece:

New Balance Pink Orange

What wrong with this data? It simple. Asking people why they do things is terribly unreliable. Our behavior as humans is influenced by many, many factors, most of which aren conscious or rational.

New Balance Pink Orange

Still not convinced that asking is often not the best way to determine why people behave the way they do? How about this then, also from the Neuromarketing piece:

New Balance Pink Orange

Asking people why they do things is terribly unreliable.

Let's have that sink in for a second. For me, it at least has direct relevance to why it seems like I can't get a straight answer out of my 11 year old sometimes.

If you want to know something

There only one problem. This lovely, detailed data is bogus, despite the large sample size and low calculated margin of error.

But the problem with these conclusions, at least according to Neuromarketing, is that the New Balance Blue Red

New Balance Pink Orange

New Balance Pink Orange

Asking people what they would be likely to do given a set of parameters is often an inherently flawed way to conduct research or to make decisions about what options to present the people you are trying to reach. And then, after they have taken an action, asking them to report why they did indeed take that action is also subject to humans' pesky tendency to rationalize and misremember.

New Balance Pink Orange

New Balance Pink Orange

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