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years ago, central Victoria enjoyed high summer rainfall, and was home to vast temperate rainforests, similar to those further northin New South Wales and Queensland today. New researchnow shows the regionhad a spectacularly diverse sclerophyll flora tough leaved, woody plants such as eucalypts, acacias and banksias.

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"Our results were quite unexpected," says Kale, adding thatthe region hadAustralia's "most diverse floras outside of the tropics".

´╗┐Ice age led to mass extinction of Aussie plants

the University of Tasmania, extracted fossil leaves from1.5 million year old sediments at the bottom of a lake near Daylesford, Victoria. Here they found 69 now extinct sclerophyll species, butcomputer models suggest the diversity could have been much higher.

Dr Matt McGlone,of Landcare Research in New Zealand, says this studyshows a clever way to use fossils to understand changes in climate and vegetation over time. "It is hard to over estimate the impact this paper will have in plant biogeographical circles," he says.

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western Australian plants are more diverse for the very reason that they have been sheltered from major climate changes, butthey may be sensitive to future changes.".

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New Balance Shoes Uk Sale

"South eastern Australian sclerophyll plants have already tolerated1 million years of relatively large climate changes," says Kale. "South New Balance White And Gold Shoes

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New Balance Shoes Uk Sale

New Balance Shoes Uk Sale

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Kale and Greg believe rapid climatic changes, which occurred as a result of successive ice ages, are responsible for Victoria's biodiversity loss. "The plant diversity of eastern Australia today is but a shadow of its diversity prior to the ice ages," Greg told Australian Geographic.

Ice Age to blame for loss of biodiversityThe findings arepublished this week in the US journal, theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, andindicate that over the past million years, as Australia's climate underwent a series of ice ages and became drier and more variable, many plants were wiped out.

"Species that don't do one or another of these things will be driven to extinction," says Greg.

Heand his research partner Dr Greg Jordan, from New Balance Trainers Black

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A SERIES OF ICE AGES wiped out a great diversity of plantlife in Australia's south east, New Balance Shoes Uk Sale new research has revealed. About 1.5 million New Balance Gray Collection

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New Balance Shoes Uk Sale

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