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request, Greco agreed to speak to the township lawyer Paul Cassan about whether there were legal means of sparing McIntomney son undue hardship.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

The minutes of settlement signed by year round property owners give them the right subject to stringent conditions to live at the lake year round until they sell their properties.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

Besides, Greco said, son) would have been ineligible to sign the minutes of settlement, because he wasn (the property owner. Ken Lamming said he didn like seeing anyone through the loopholes, and asked councillors for their thoughts on the McIntomney family predicament.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

A 2011 legal decision upholding the seasonal zoning New Balance Grey Orange Blue

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists


New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

McIntomney said her son was not informed either, even though he had his name on a Prince Lake mailbox and contributed annually to the cost of snow removal on the Prince Lake Road.

He should have been informed too, she said, because the minutes of settlement affected him.

the township is not obligated to notify residents of litigation in which they are not involved.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

But the 2011 minutes of settlement signed by Prince Lake property owners who live at the lake year round paying $7,500 per family to do so make it illegal for them, or any other Prince Lake property owners, to rent their cottages between Oct. 31 and May 1.

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McIntomney was never involved in the protracted legal battle over the zoning bylaw and said she received no information from the township about the minutes of settlement. Now she wonders why not.

of Prince Lake cottages, as set out in Zoning Bylaw 77 7, may leave one cottager family in limbo.

legal to put somebody out in winter? McIntomney asked. She explained that her son had a disability and his limited income would make it difficult for him to move elsewhere.

In Sept. 2011, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Koke upheld the validity of Bylaw 77 7.

The Prince Lake litigation began in 1995 when 30 some year round residents sued the township for its failure to plow the seasonal Prince Lake Road in winter. Their case was dismissed in 2002, but the township countersuit requested that all residents at the lake comply with Bylaw 77 7 by using their cottages only seasonally.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

Shirley McIntomney, a summer cottager for more than 20 years, told council at its December meeting that she rents her cottage to her adult son in winter, an arrangement that gives him affordable living quarters while assuring her the property is being maintained.

Greco told McIntomney the court order would not be enforced for 90 days, which would give her New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists son until February to find a new place.

Administrator Peggy Greco replied that New Balance For Men

'I should have been informed'

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

a property owner and I pay taxes. I should have been informed, she said.

The consensus was that council, though sympathetic, could not defy a court order and permit a Prince Lake property to be rented illegally.

New Balance Shoes Uk Stockists

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