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"It was always my fourth, fifth or sixth committee and I never received a dollar."

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said she's confident Hinman will pay New Balance Slip On Womens

"Any MLAs who do not will not have a place in our PC caucus, Further, the overly generous transition allowances that are paid to MLAs are suspended from this day forward and I will not accept any transition allowance, win, lose or draw," she said.

"However, I've always known him to be a man of his word and I am confident he will honour his earlier commitment to pay the money back."

His comments are in reference to the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing, which despite paying out $1,000 is a committee that hasn't actually met since 2008.

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However, despite his claims of sitting on multiple committees that would render the "no meet" pay moot, he told QMI Agency after first being elected in a 2009 byelection he was only given one assignment the controversial committee that would became a major election issue.

"Alberta taxpayers do not owe me anything. I owe them an apology for poorly articulating my beliefs and those of the Wildrose Party," he said in a statement.

throw everybody. What a joke," Hinman told QMI Agency on March 17.

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Days after the party's first representative in Edmonton was defeated in his Calgary Glenmore riding, Hinman claims he didn't earn any money for his time on the controversial committee.

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New Balance Shoes Yellow

After saying Alberta taxpayers owe him nothing for his time on the notorious "no meet" committee, former Wildrose MLA Paul Hinman now says there's nothing for him to pay back.

Wildrose MLAs Heather Forsyth and Guy Boutilier, who also spent time on the no meet committee, have cut cheques to pay back their share.

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The next day he reversed his position, apologizing and explaining he "hadn't looked at each one in detail to see which month I got paid for what."

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New Balance Shoes Yellow

"I've never received any money from that committee because I always sat on four to six," he said, noting New Balance Shoes Yellow MLAs only receive compensation for the first three committees listed.

"Paul is a private citizen and the decision to repay the money is now up to him," she said.

Meanwhile, Premier Alison Redford said all Progressive Conservative MLAs will be expected to pay back every penny of money received from the committee.

'I owe nothing' for no

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"They said there was no room on any other committee. That was the one where they had room for me. That's where they New Balance Cleats

New Balance Shoes Yellow

back the money, but her party's not responsible for Hinman anymore.

clear because it was one of several committees he sat on.

Hinman was on the committee for a year, but said he's in the New Balance Womens Running Shoes

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