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New Balance Sneakers Fashion

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

Please do I have to. It would take a cattle prod to get me on the dance floor, are you sure you meant to send me these questions? When I was a drama student in the late 70s I was a great dancer, I used to be such a good dancer that I got into clubs for free, but these days I get a stitch.

I also fancy Palm Springs: I'd like to do an architectural tour of Palm Springs, yes, that's what I'd like, thank you. She has spent more than 30 years in showbusiness and is well known for New Balance Football Boots Blue

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

One of my favourite films is In Bruges, so I could go New Balance Sneakers Fashion and pay homage to that, or even just Amsterdam, I've never been. Basically wherever I went I'd like to find the best lobster place in town and I'd like to eat lobster 'til it came out of my ears and I'd like a hotel room with a massive bed over looking the sea and then I'd have lobster for breakfast.

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

What tune always gets you on the dance floor?

If it's really sunny, I'll visit Brockwell Lido, but very early before the pesky kids.

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

Favourite DVD? And what would you eat while watching it?

It's a sunny Saturday, what are you up to?

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

though its perilous state bothers me, I should really go somewhere I've never been.

What's your favourite party outfit?

On a bean bag in front of my telly, supper on my knees, cold glass of wine to hand and the remote control in my sweaty fist

Sorry, can't remember I'm 53, though I do remember going to la Rochelle last year for our 30th anniversary and that was nice, though I was promised lobster and I didn't get it, we left booking dinner too late and I got a cheese toastie in a back street bar instead.

her appearances on Loose Women, where she is happy to be one of 'The Coven'.

Urgh, I don't have one, the phrase strikes terror into my heart, I hate heels and I hate things being tight on me (and everything is) so ideally my favourite party outfit would be a dressing gown.

The old man, occasionally my pilates teacher, sometimes my girl, various art galleries, market stalls, chums (if they're v lucky) but often I'm gigging in which case it's my trusty stage manager Mr George. For years I never really did weekends because of gigging, I'm still surprised when I have one free to do normal weekend stuff. Sometimes not working at the weekend makes me feel nervous so if I'm not performing I'll always spend some time writing in my study, which means I have the pleasure of my own company although I do start to get on my own nerves.

Usually by making excuses not to go. I can't do big nights out anymore, they hurt for days after. I can do small to medium nights out, to be honest, I'd much rather prepare for a big night in.

off and a wad of money in your back pocket. Which country or city would you head to and what would you do when you got there?

Jamie Oliver's fish pie, lashings of white wine.

We like a bit of Borgen, I like the way her bun gets bigger and bigger the more powerful she becomes. I would like a mixed Mediterranean platter with that, thank you, though I should really stick to something Danish, not herring though they're a bit partial to herring, the Danes and I'm not.

How do you prepare for a big night out?

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

Neither, we do Sunday supper, which is posh fish and chips from the Sea Cow in East Dulwich I have the roast salmon, yum, with mushy peas, yum (you can take the girl out of the North.).

Chardonnay or pinot grigio, in fact my local supermarket has started selling a 'pinot chardonnay' huzzah. I don't like champagne, it gives me colic like an old horse.

You've just arrived at the bar. What's your first drink?

In the late 70s I was a great dancer

You can't go wrong with Italy I love Venice, New Balance 868

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

What was your most memorable weekend ever, and why?

You've got a whole weekend New Balance Classic Shoes

Sunday lunch home cooked or down the pub?

What's your favourite nightspot and why?

What's the recipe for a perfect night in?

New Balance Sneakers Fashion

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