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The knack is in knowing how to harvest the potential. New Balance Shoes Black And Gold

I came into teaching late. New Balance Suede Trainers I did not leave school and go straight to University to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher writes Rachel Baig of the University of Wolverhampton.

Thousands of sixteen year olds drop out of the English education system every year. Many will have developed barriers to learning that may never be reversed. I still carry a phobia of Physics. Many will never return to education remaining in low paid jobs or unemployment for the rest of their working lives.

The trouble with this label is that the 'problem' is sub consciously 'fixed', and the blame for it apportioned, to a group of young people who have simply been failed by the system. Thus they are at once the perpetrators and the victims.

New Balance Suede Trainers

Several years ago the Government dubbed this group NEETs. It is an acronym for 'Not in Employment Education or Training'.

By fixing a label to this group a tangible 'problem' is created that has the potential to adversely impact on the competitiveness of our economy.

Working with these youngsters is astonishing and inspiring. There is no better reward than witnessing the transformation of a disruptive 'no hoper' into a conscientious, contributing member of society.

I was offered a position as a teacher educator ten years ago and I now work with initial teacher students and teachers who are developing their practice. I am one of life's lucky people. I am working in a job that I love. It is not a chore coming to work, it is a pleasure.

Many of our teachers do this every day: they Grey New Balance Shoes

New Balance Suede Trainers

Teaching teenagers is a joy, there is no struggle. Teenagers have so much potential to develop into anything or anyone that they want to be. They possess an innocent faith that the world is theirs for the taking. They are right.

Even with education and experience, this area is region rife with low pay, hence the term poverty The employers simply blame unemployed for not having the right skills, New Balance Dark Blue Women

I am honoured to be a teacher. Even the toughest day 'at the office' becomes a fabulous day when I teach a class.

On the contrary, at the time I was making my fledgling career choices, my father was a secondary school teacher and his 'lifelong dream' seemed rather problematic.

I admire and respect your optimism. Alternatively one can stay in the Black Country and have it thrown back in their face. Even dumb American kids seem to have far more opportunity thrown their way that the trained, educated people here chasing jobs along with 80+ other people. The writing is on the wall for this region: leave, or be put through the grinder.

I can, so I do. Can you?

New Balance Suede Trainers

whilst at the same time denying people opportunity and failing to properly train their own middle and upper management. It been like this for years in this country and it the reason why people just leave and work in other countries where the pay and conditions are better, and so is the social life. Employers don want their employee to progress above the gutter, because it not profitable for the globalist sweatshop masters who own this region and it politicians.

Image byPhil Dowsing/Eco photography on Flickr

New Balance Suede Trainers

New Balance Suede Trainers

New Balance Suede Trainers

I knew what was right for me and no adult was going to tell me otherwise. I knew what I wanted and that was to leave school at the earliest possible opportunity. I usually opted to go against my parents' wishes.

New Balance Suede Trainers

I am teacher Express Star

I was so bored of school. I could see no relevance or connection between what I was learning and the 'real world'. Not that I knew anything about the real world.

New Balance Suede Trainers

empower our teenagers to see their own potential and grasp it with both hands. Sadly, my teachers did not.

Instead of talking about problems we need to discuss solutions. We need to equip our teachers to help these students to navigate a route through the compulsory education system and enable them to make a smooth transition into an appropriate career path.

Rachel Baig is a Senior Lecturer in Post Compulsory Education at the University of Wolverhampton.

New Balance Suede Trainers

I don't teach in further education anymore; although, I do work closely with colleagues in the sector.

I was not a model teenager; I was a typical one. Whatever my elders advised I did the opposite.

It carries a rather negative image with it, conjuring up images of hoody clad youths dossing about, drinking cheap alcohol on street corners and harassing people in parks.

New Balance Suede Trainers

"Many will never return to education remaining in low paid jobs or unemployment for the rest of their working lives."

At school I was little different. If I did not understand what I was being taught I became disruptive. My behaviour had no malicious intent it posed no threat to my teachers. Indeed, it posed more of a threat to me, as it interfered with my learning.

He was a strict disciplinarian. Many years later his students told me that while he was always firm, he was also infinitely fair. I couldn't see it at the time so teaching was the farthest thing from my mind.

And my teachers made no attempt to create these connections, so learning became an irrelevance. School was simply somewhere that I went to socialise and keep warm.

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