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SAH spokesperson Mario Paluzzi called the new clinic welcome relief

Fortunately, people such as Schwarz are doing something about it. In fact, the Sault could be a very different place when it comes to health care delivery in the near future in a good way.

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New Balance Turf Shoes

His move to more regular hours also coincides with the recent birth of his second daughter. "I've done emergency long enough, and I personally like seeing the west end being served," said Schwarz, 40.

"If you think this is bad now, this is nothing," said Beltrano.

neighbour "told me to get the hell down here as fast as I can," she said.

GHC has already lost at least two doctors over the summer and fall, and several more are at or near retirement age.

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The office will do double duty: New Balance Turf Shoes Schwarz is registering patients who do not have a family doctor for the private practice, and will also see anyone for minor procedures, what he calls "lumps and bumps," for the walk in clinic. He will operate both simultaneously.

a phone yet in place, Schwarz has taken more than 100 inquiries from people anxious to sign on.

operating Monday to Friday, and half days Saturday. Mondays, the busiest in the ER, may go late.

in clinic opens next week

The Gros Cap resident chose the west end "because people shouldn't have to go downtown for a quick medical visit, pay $3 for parking and then wait six hours."

A walk in clinic across from the hospital closed in 2002 after operating for three years.

New Balance Turf Shoes

New Balance Turf Shoes

New Balance Turf Shoes

The Group Health Centre's clinic is open only to its patients, and works on a first come first served basis people must make an appointment first thing in the morning and the schedule is regularly booked within minutes.

Schwarz will man the clinic solo for the time being, but may approach other doctors depending on how busy he gets.

"To know I have a doctor within reach is comforting. Now I won't have to go down to emergency for four or five hours to get a simple prescription refilled."

"I think that's terrific," Paluzzi said. "Certainly from our point of view, anything that can be done to relieve the pressure on our ER and walk in clinic and, more importantly, to provide people with an alternative . . . can't be anything but a positive."

The plan is to open Dec. 20, in time for the holiday crunch when the doctor shortage is particularly acute. The clinic will operate through the holidays.

New Balance Turf Shoes

As reported last month, a group of ER doctors is also looking to operate a medical clinic in the Cambrian Mall, and last month Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced a call for applications for a nurse practitioner clinic here.

New Balance Turf Shoes

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So does Natalie Beltrano. The orphan patient rushed to the mall Monday morning after her New Balance 411 Red

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New Balance Turf Shoes

New Balance Turf Shoes

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