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New Balance White People

New Balance White People

New Balance White People

"They had no choice. They had to do something," said Wickenheiser of the IIHF's move.

Much of the hockey consuming public cares only when Team Canada is playing for gold OK, in other words playing the USA at the Olympics and cares not a whit about the women's game for all but those few days every four years.

Russian ice hockey federation, in a bar.

"There is a discrepancy. Everyone agrees with that," Rogge said.

There's a problem right there.

"Even walking down the street here in Canada, I get asked. It's exhausting to answer it every day. It's a goal of mine: I don't want to hear the question in Sochi (in 2014)."

The focus for the immediate future will be to help nations ranked 4 10 in the world to improve and hopefully address Rogge's concerns about the competitive imbalance.

"I would personally give them more time to grow but there must be a period of"We cannot continue without "

New Balance White People

Women's hockey, even here in Canada, sits in purgatory with luge, skeleton and biathlon in non Olympic years.

"He said women don't want to play hockey in Russia and I told him, 'Yes, they do.' They have 300 players and that's better than nothing," said Wickenheiser.

New Balance White People

Truth is, the women's game is important to the mothers and daughters and sisters who live the game every day and have New Balance White People as much passion for it as their fathers or brothers or husbands.

The International Ice Hockey Federation, which, if you can believe it still doesn't have a person whose responsibility is the women's game, did make a positive move Thursday with the announcement it has earmarked $2 million to help improve the women's game.

"It's a good statement on their behalf. They're showing they care. But they're right. The federations have to take it from there."

New Balance White People

Wickenheiser said she ran into Vladislav Tretiak, the president of the New Balance Shoes Black And White

Women's hockey at the highest level was at a bit of crossroads after Canada's gold New Balance Red Trainers

New Balance White People

New Balance White People

IIHF finally shows some support for women's hockey

What power the women's game does have is largely related to its position as an Olympic sport.

"I was really disappointed to step off the ice (after winning the gold) and hear the first question is 'Does women's hockey belong in the Olympics?' " said Team Canada captain Hayley Wickenheiser, who was a keynote speaker at the summit Thursday.

Outside of North America and the Scandinavian countries, the support for women's hockey is almost non existent. It's cultural. It's systemic.

For the stakeholders in the game many of whom are here at the world hockey summit to ignore the women's game is to ignore a growing constituency, though one which at this point wields an embarrassingly small amount of power.

the Olympics, when IOC president Jacques Rogge fired a shot across the bow because of the precipitous falloff from Canada and the USA to the rest of the field (Canada outscored its preliminary round opponents 41 2 and the USA, 31 1).

medal win at New Balance Maroon Black

New Balance White People

New Balance White People

"This may be the investment period for women's ice hockey.

New Balance White People

New Balance White People

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