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New Balance Womens 771

of South Loop and Z. There's plenty of flow with bits and pieces of tech thrown in to keep you engaged.

First up was Fort Clinch State Park, an area of historic interest nestled between the island waterways of the St. John's River and the Atlantic Ocean that happens to include a 6 plus mile loop of awesome singletrack. I kept my eyes peeled for gators, but I found myself distracted by the many fun ups and downs as I whizzed through a forest of bright green palmettos surrounded by sun filtered mossy oaks.

a young kid getting herself hooked on a lifetime of adventure.

I found a lot of sand and had a brief sighting of a small black racer snake, but that was it for local color. I ended the day with a visit to the Civil and Spanish American War era fort, settling for a lesson New Balance Womens 771 in history instead of ecology.

New Balance Womens 771

Sun filtered mossy oaks surround flowing singletrack punctuated with rock gardens, making Fort Clinch a mountain bikers dreamespecially one who hardly ever gets to ride in Florida.

New Balance Womens 771

a blend New Balance 430 Black

My mission to map mountain bike routes across the country recently brought me back to this part of northern Florida. Returning the area evoked memories of that decades ago trip and the beginnings of my passion for travel and the outdoors. Over the course of a few days I intended to check two Jacksonville area parks off my list.

At the end of sixth grade I found myself on a plane with my fellow students from Denver, Colorado, traveling 1,500 miles to Jacksonville, Florida. We were en route to Cumberland Island, a barrier island on the Georgia coast, just a stone's throw away from that north Florida city. The backpacking trip was an initiation of sorts into my future life of adventure. For a chubby pre teen from landlocked suburbia, it was also an eye opening journey to an exotic place, replete with chance encounters with wildlife seldom seen in Colorado: possums, armadillos and, yes, gators.

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

At the end of my stay in Jacksonville, I'd had a lot of fun, but gotten no closer to a gator than a sign that says "Don't feed the alligators." So I figure someone is seeing them maybe New Balance 1260 Womens

In Search of Gators

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

I awoke the next morning anticipating another stellar ride. My destination was Hanna Park, near Jacksonville Beach, which has 17 miles of trails woven through lakes and blackwater canals. However, with all that excellent trail, I was having so much fun riding that I forgot all about my gator hunt. The trail network has ample riding opportunities for riders of all abilities. South Loop is on the easy side of the spectrum, and is the best way to get started riding at Hanna. The Z Trail is the hardest option, and can test all of your skills. Although climbs and descents at Hanna are short, Z will put your slow speed balancing and handling skills to the test. If you're looking for something in between, E Line offers New Balance Blue And Grey

New Balance Womens 771

New Balance Womens 771

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