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New Balance Womens 880v6

New Balance Womens 880v6

New Balance Womens 880v6

New Balance Womens 880v6

Regardless of member changes, the rising pressure of the band's past success, or life's constant obstacles redirecting their path, Chiodos has once again created an album that pushes boundaries and allows the music to speak for itself. Illuminaudio is an honest, raw representation of hope, strength and optimism. "We put an incredible amount of thought, time, sacrifice, emotion, and stress into the process of making this beautiful monster," states Bell. "I believe all of that will shine through the music as soon as people press play.

New Balance Womens 880v6

New Balance Womens 880v6

love for llamas, hot tamales, and the Top Gun soundtrack. They also carry certain advantages as they are younger, yet equally as capable as their more established counterparts. A five piece that dug its heels into the dry desert sands and refused to relent, blessthefall planted themselves amid the chaos of competition in January of 2004. Drummer Matt and guitarist Mike formed a band with sweeping dreams and untainted visions. Early on, with friends playing as interim members, the band gained regional recognition by winning local battle of the bands contests, spurring them to continue forming the enterprise, despite the member changes that young bands typically face. Temporarily secure in their line up (with Craig's vocals and Jared on bass) they spent the next year focused on evolving as musicians and refining their sound. Though they drew from bands like Underoath, Alexisonfire, and As I Lay Dying, aspects of pop, hip hop, rap, and even R surfaced in their songs if not through Craig's vocal reach, then through the beats and rhythms that surfaced in their music. Being one of the youngest bands in the area, blessthefall were added to bills with other notable local artists such as Greeley Estates and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. In August of 2005 they recorded their self titled 3 song EP which enhancing their growing reputation. By October the line up was complete when Eric was added on guitar, complementing the band's progressing sound. As the older bands were away from Phoenix touring and recording, blessthefall took advantage of the musical drought the Valley was in. They confirmed their capabilities by selling out show after show at the local venues. Ultimately, they were responsible for shutting down Neckbeard's (a well known local venue) in January 2006. Doors were permanently closed after the employees failed to maintain capacity due to the hundreds of kids outside trying to force their way into an already sold out show where blessthefall was headlining. They continued to share the stage with other established artists, often drawing a bigger crowd then those more reputed. You can catch them on the entire 2007 Vans Warped Tour on the Smartpunk Stage. Their debut full length His Last Walk will be released on Science Records on April 10th, New Balance 730

staggering live performances, blessthefall have quickly become known for their uninhibited personalities and eccentricities, including a New Balance Black And Pink Shoes

New Balance Womens 880v6

With positive vibes flowing between the band and producer, the studio was transformed into a creative sanctuary. Away from the pressures of daily life and touring, the band was able to hone in on their skills and emotions to create a sound that truly represents who Chiodos is today. "He was truly inspiring in a lot of waysfrom New Balance Womens 880v6 pushing us in our writing to digging deep inside of us to helping us realize what our true sound is," Bell describes of the experience. "And to really bring it out of us, he would get up and start break dancing and shouting at us to make us that much more excited. We've never had the opportunity to work with a producer like that and we feel it was key in this transitional process."

Seamlessly intertwined with the band's signature haunting melodies and grandiose vocals, is a bolder, more striking contrast between delicate piano work and intense, bellowing screams. With the core composers of the music still at the heart of Chiodos, fans can be reassured that they will hear the sound that they have grown familiar with over the years. Bell explains, "Even if the lineup had stayed the same, I feel that the direction of sound would've turned out similar. We don't feel like our vision was lost or compromised in any way throughout the writing process."

New Balance Womens 880v6

Illuminaudio is the debut Chiodos recording for new lead vocalist Brandon Bolmer (formerly of Yesterday's Rising) and drummer Tanner Wayne (formerly of Underminded and Scary Kids Scaring Kids). Alongside Bolmer and Wayne are established Chiodos members Bradley Bell (keys), Jason Hale (guitar), Pat McManaman (guitar), and Matt Goddard (bass).

New Balance Womens 880v6

The album was recorded at The Machine Shop in Weehawken, New Jersey with producer Machine [Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die, Cobra Starship]. "Recording with Machine was incredible," says Bell. "We didn't really know what to expect, but right away we could tell that he believed in us as musicians."

I Killed the Prom Quee

New Balance Womens 880v6


From a city named after a mythical creature known for its invincibility against competition and for its rise among ruin, Phoenix proves itself time and again to be a city on the rise producing notable band after band. There can be no better representation then blessthefall. In addition to their New Balance Usa Made Sneakers

A theme of transitions and growth is evident throughout the album, with a focus on moving forward and starting over. Illuminaudio "means a new chapter, it means change, and a fresh start. Some of the songs are very personal, and I'm happy to have that," expounds Bolmer. "There is a meaning and point to each song, and when put together, it creates something that I will remember for the rest of my life."

"We have something to prove and we are ready to do it," states Chiodos keyboardist Bradley Bell. With a new lineup and a new outlook on life, Chiodos will release their third full length album, Illuminaudio, on October 5th, 2010.

New Balance Womens 880v6

The album is the follow up to the band's sophomore release, Bone Palace Ballet, which debuted at 5 on the Billboard 200 Chart and topped the Independent Chart. The critically acclaimed album has gone on to sell over 215k copies, while the debut album, All's Well That Ends Well, has sold over 244k units since its 2005 release.

Reflecting on the personal nature of the album's content, Bell adds, "I hope that people can use Illuminaudio as an escape from their problems and see a light at the end of the tunnel no matter what their situationThere is so much poison and negativity in this world that in order to not let it effect us and the chemistry of our brotherhood, we just have to accept the fact that everybody has their own problems and opinions and hope the best for everyone in any situation." He concludes, "Music isn't meant to be a competition or an open forum for people to destroy; those who treat it is as such simply don't deserve to be graced with it."

New Balance Womens 880v6

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